This passion for diabetes started in an early stage of my career, in my first job as a general nurse, when I worked alongside with children diagnosed with diabetes.

I worked closely with these children and their parents, following educational programs and giving psychological support to these families.

After this experience I worked with patients with vascular disease where I would say that 80% (or more) had diabetes. This experience developed my knowledge in Diabetes Complications and the different kind of possible treatments for these problems. It also gave me the opportunity to be the Diabetes link-nurse for the ward.

Through the years I realised that I needed to work abroad in order to reach my goal(s): to work full-time in diabetes.

I moved to London where I worked in two different general nursing jobs and where I also had developed activities in the diabetes area (such as development of policies and being a Diabetes link-nurse).

In the meantime, I finished my Diabetes Educator Certificate in the  Michener Institute, Toronto, Canada. Here I developed skills in diabetes education, teaching and management.

With my experience and the certificate on my CV, I was ready to become a Diabetes Specialist Nurse and so I did.

At the moment I’m working as a Diabetes Specialist Nurse in the UK National Health Service, NorthWest London NHS Trust in one of the poorest boroughs of London as part of a great team of Diabetes Specialist Nurses, Dieticians and Consultants. 

With this I have reached my biggest goal so far but with a lot more to come. Diabetes is an ongoing disease and it will be The Disease of the future.

I am keen to keep updating my knowledge and skills to better support people with diabetes and their families.