Nowadays, when we talk about diabetes and food there is no such things as a “diabetic diet” anymore. We talk about healthy diet for everyone.

A healthy diet is based on a balanced diet, which combines several things such as variety, quality, cooking, labelling and quantity.

Oh dear, the old Balanced Plate for a healthy diet…

The old (but updated) Balanced Plate help us to understand what is a healthy diet. It’s easy to understand which group of foods we should (and shouldn’t) eat in bigger quantity and more often.

Also as you can notice, sweets, crisps, sauces and other junk food are not part of the balanced plate anymore. This means that this type of foods should not be part of your diet.

The majority of people miss the consumption of foods from the group of vegetables, which is really important. The same people do not guide their diet choices following the recommended portions and the variety within a group.

I am not sure why people tend to forget about vegetables as part of their diet. They are SO easy to cook and really cheap! And it feels the stomach and will help to eat less at meal times.

This gap is related with personal tastes or possibly lack of information about the benefits of vegetables in their meals. Or people just being stubborn.

Personally, I grew up with a very balanced meals on the plate. My mother was and still is very persistent about portions and salads along with meals. Completely stuck to it along time.

I must confess that I didn’t cook vegetables that often in the past, but salads was always a must. Love soups, mostly in the winter, and nowadays I cook vegetables on a daily basis in order to have them on my meals as much as I can.

So, what’s the problem with vegetables?

Tell me, what is so difficult or complex about boiled broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, grilled vegetables or vegetable stews? Vegetable mash? It is so easy! There is no excuse. If it is a matter of taste you can always give a twist to it with onion or leak stew before cooking it, and of course a good seasoning to finish.

About other foods that I added to my diet: Nuts and seeds, beans and pulses to my diet. These are great!! Very good fat and loads of protein  accordingly.

You may argue that this changes are very difficult step to take. I understand. Things that are not part of your diet and your shopping routines make it even harder to start.

Daily Dozen app might help you

To help me with this gap, I have found and started using  a very handy app – Daily Dozen app (available for IOS and Android). I used this application to remember and guide me into my food choices and a balanced plate.

Basically the app shows 12 super MUSTS foods that are very important on a daily basis. It also includes a portioning guide along with a link to a very good website where it is possible to see a video explaining all the benefits of that specific food

As you may be aware, in the internet you can find all the information that you need to support any theory. This very easy information access brings lots of doubts and misconceptions when it comes to food.

That’s why I love

This website shows black in white what are the benefits about a specific type of food. Those benefits are based on the most recent and reliable studies made by the best research centres of the world. A group of researchers review all the studies and then filter them for consistency and finally bring to light very important information about foods and the power of foods.

I heard about this website in one of the podcasts that I follow regularly: The Ultimate Health PodCast. The episode is an interview with the founder, Michael Greger M.D, and he talks about this project and some other very good and important matters around food choices and healthy lifestyle.

I have been learning a lot while searching on the internet, studying and listening to some podcasts. If in one hand I delivered accurate and trustworthy information in this website to empower you for a better diabetes management, I have also been making some changes in my lifestyle.

I have learned along the last few months that introducing small changes in a very conscious manner are a very good and positive way to make them stick and to avoid rebound.

From the moment you engage and you feel better, you know you are in your way to live a healthier life.