This week I as introduced to a company which developed really user friendly blood sugar meters. I have found two of the five meters the company showed really amazing.

Maybe you already know them but I decided to talk about it anyways because I don’t see them around. I really think that they can be a great solution for people that don’t take the blood glucose kit around due its size, doesn’t fit the bag or even their pockets!

GlucoRX Go

The first meter, GlucoRX Go, is the size of the strips pot and it is attached on the pot’s lid. You just really need to carry the finger pricking device along and you are good to go.

Gluxo RX Go blood sugar meters

Gluxo RX Go

Used strips still need to be handled and disposed.



Strips have a very good size

Not easy to handle by elderly people

Has big memory (999 results)

No date and hour info

Easy to use

Unable to have blood glucose trends

Great to carry

Small blood sample

Strips price


Best for “on the go”

This meter in overall is very good looking on the handy and “on the go” perspective. It can be used for routine blood glucose monitoring but the user must be very keen and interested in keeping a record of the results.

The results are needed so you are able to understand how the blood glucose trends are and make decisions based on that information such as medication regimen, contact the diabetes team or insulin doses adjustment, for example.

GlucoRX HTC Connect

GluxRX HTC Connect

GluxRX HTC Connect

GlucoRX HTC Connect was the second one and it is my favourite.

As you can see in the picture, is a small device that will be connected to your smartphone using the headphones socket. The smartphone will be the meter itself, showing the results in an application.

The app gives all the information needed. Once the meter is in fact the phone it will always be able to check trends at meal times

 Used strips still need to be handled and disposed



Strips have a good size

Just on the apple store (apparently going android soon)

Strips are the same for all the devices

Not useful for non-smartphone users

Small amount of blood sample needed

App doesn’t have the option to send infos via email (a solution is to do a print screen)

Easy to start using the device

Still need to carry strips and finger pricking device.

All important info is in the phone


The app is user friendly

I found this meter very handy and very “smart”. The meter is always with the person, the app is very easy to use and there is never the chance or the excuse to go somewhere without the meter, because it is so small but so smart!

Both meters give answers to some of the most important needs of people with diabetes starting with their size and “usability” going through the adaptability to the lifestyle that population have nowadays.

They are a plus on engaging individuals to their diabetes management.

I’ve been searching for more meters like these ones and I have found other devices with the same characteristics. Unfortunately I’m unable to give my opinion on it because I didn’t see it live but have a look and be amazed:

  1. Dario
  2. iHealth Align
Dario meter


iHealth Align

iHealth Align

What do you think about this meter? Are you using any of these meters at the moment? Do you know any other similar meters?