This is a very special episode. For the first time we have a guest in our podcast and a very special one: Dr. Trudi Deakin.

Dr Trudi Deakin

Dr. Trudi Deakin is a Dietitian, Founder and CEO of X-PERT Health, a registered charity specialising in the research, development, implementation and audit of structured education for the public and healthcare professionals internationally.

Trudi’s first degree in Nutrition and Dietetics was obtained in 1993, followed by a teaching qualification in 1998 and a doctorate in diabetes in 2004.

As a Dietitian with a strong focus in Diabetes, Dr. Trudi became controversial when she revealed her diet is 80% fat and recommends every diabetes specialist to stop promoting carbohydrates in people with diabetes.

In this podcast we explore the reasons why a low carb and high fat diet is a good idea. We explore the fat advantage, the myths and all misconceptions built over the time about fat. Hope you enjoy.

You can find Trudi Deakin’s book on Amazon.

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