Christmas is “the most wonderful time of the year”.

Is that great moment when families get together, share love, care , happiness and… delicious food!

Here is some small tips to help you to survive this Christmas and keep your diabetes under control the best way possible.

Keep in mind that this is not only for people with diabetes but for everyone, for all family: from children to elderly people.

Rich and delicious foods are part of every Christmas menu around the world.

The best advice in this moment is to keep mindful of your choices and the portions’ sizes.

Survive this Christmas like a star

1. Do not forget to take your medication. If you going abroad to celebrate Christmas, get everything prepared before hand, do your “Diabetes checklist”. You can print one checklist here.

2. Keep checking your blood glucose so you don’t lose track of your blood glucose.

3. Adjust your insulin doses if necessary: discuss with your diabetes team a possible plan or set up a guidance in case the blood glucose gets uncontrolled.

4. Keep your focus on your family, chatting share news and experiences more than around the food table

5. Save your selection boxes – they will last into January and don’t need to be eaten all at once.

6. If you are given chocolates, the best tip is: share them instead of eating all of them by your self

7. Do not forget your veggies!

8. Instead of frying food opt to grill or roast instead

9. Stick with sugar free or diet drinks as much as possible- and do not forget about water!

10. Eat slowly. Eating slowly will make you eat less quantities. Enjoy and focus more in your food and the company.