High Blood Glucose Level: What Options Are There to Bring It Down?

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High blood glucose levels, known as hyperglycaemia, can happen suddenly and can be very discomforting. Many individuals wonder what can be done to improve high blood glucose levels and this article will provide some answers to this concern. All the following situations can make the blood glucose levels high. Illness Stress situations Omission of blood glucose [...]

Why Insulin Increase Your Weight

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Injectable insulin is one of the most famous treatments for Diabetes type I and II. Still with a very negative overall opinion, insulin is one of the best drugs for blood glucose control. Individuals with type I diabetes are dependent on insulin from the moment of diagnosis and individuals with type II diabetes has it is [...]

When Should You Check Blood Glucose More Frequently?

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Blood glucose level (commonly called "blood sugar") is the existing amount of glucose in the blood at a given moment. The blood glucose level is quickly determined by doing a finger prick and using a glucose meter. Depending on the situation, you should monitor and measure blood glucose levels at different times and frequency. For example, a person [...]

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