As you are aware, diabetes is intimately connected with diet and physical activity. At the moment mentalities are slowly changing and fat is no longer the bad guy in the picture of diabetes management.

For decades fat was believed to increase weight and everyone turned to more carbohydrate consumption but the truth is that the world is fatter. A balanced diet is crucial.

When we talk about a balanced diet we talk about introducing better quality foods and balance what you eat with your daily routines. Listen to your body, think about your future, the to change starts now!

Last week, I had a great conversation with Dr. Trudi Deakin on podcast.

This episode contains loads of great information about diet, low carb diet, tips and meal ideas. It offers a broad explanation about the difference between carbohydrates and fat and how it affects diabetes management and weight.

If you didn’t hear this “full-of-info-podcast” you can listen to it here or on iTunes.

Following are the 5 tips provided by Dr. Trudi Deakin to improve your diabetes control.

Assess your diet

It is important to know what dietary approach you are currently doing: high-carb and high-fat? Low-carb and high-fat? Where do you think you can make some changes?

Something that will definitely help you is to keep a food diary (at least for one week). A food diary gives you two positive outcomes.

In one hand, you will keep truth to yourself, to what you eat and maybe help you to think twice before eating something that you know you will regret. On the other hand, is an easy way for you to understand what you’re doing right and wrong.

Find you Carbohydrate tolerance level

Very low-carb diet: 50g of carbohydrates

Low-carb diet: 130g of carbohydrate

Mediterranean style of diet:  200g of carbohydrates

Cut the processed foods

Cut the bad foods. Today.

Make an assessment of your cupboards and your usual shopping list.

Read the labels of the products you buy, look for the carbohydrate content and sugar. Start making healthier choices.

Incorporate more real foods

Cook more at home, it is the best way to go all-in for an healthier life. Home cook is already a great step towards diet improvement. Add more “real” foods into your diet.

Make a meal plan for the days you can cook. Do not forget that ready meals are full of sugar (read the labels and be amazed). Make a shopping list, stick with it and plan your meals for the week. Do not go shopping on an empty stomach!

Had more fruits and and vegetables to your meals. There are plenty of delicious

Don’t be fat phobic

Fat is good for us, real fat, in natural state. Keep in mind that when we talk about fats we talk about good fats, stable fats, as Dr. Trudi Deakin explained. Want to know more about fat? Read here and here.

Carbs to tolerance, moderate protein and fat for fullness.

This tips are a great start to change, to improve your diet and as a consequence your diabetes control. have a thought about this tips, evaluate your diet and your behavious towards your diabetes management and start your journey!

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