Vegetables are great source of fibre, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. Those are very important aas part of our diet but they also contain carbohydrates. Did you ever imagined? Vegetables and carbs… together.

Now this is when all this carbohydrate portion control and healthy lifestyle gets confused.

The everyday battle of carbs counting and keeping mindful of portion control. You doing your best to avoid carbs and get more veggies in your diet and now… vegetables contain carbs?

Yes, this is true but it is important to understand that in one hand there are vegetables that contain less carbs; on the other hand all vegetables bring much more nutrients and are released much slower in your body, avoiding blood glucose spikes.

So it would always be better to have more vegetables in your plate than any other carbohydrate source.

In the vegetable side of choices there are some things to keep in mind:

  • Know which vegetables contain more carbs
  • Eat starchy veggies with moderation
  • Watch your portion sizes
  • Do not stop eating veggies

Vegetables and carbs

Here are some examples of the more used vegetables and correspondent carbohydrates contents.


Carb amount

(only carb and not carb with fibre source)

One Large Baked Potato54 gr
Cup of mashed potato34 gr
Medium baked Sweet potato20 gr
Cup of canned peas16 gr
One cup of black-eyed26 gr
1/3 Aubergine2 gr
3 tbs Broccoli1 gr
6-7cm Cucumber1 gr
1-2 large Courgette1 gr
1 small bowl Lettuce1.5 gr
2 tbs canned Peas11 gr
3tbs garden Peas/frozen Peas6 gr
3 tbs Mushrooms0.3 gr
1medium/ 8cherry Tomato2.5 gr
½ Avocado2 gr
1 cup of canned corn35 gr
1 cup of fresh/frozen corn32 gr
All ItemsDescription

One of the important things to understand from this table is that canned food will always be richer in carbohydrate content because there will be always some sugar added, there will be always some sauce added to it. If you really like canned vegetables and perhaps this is your first step towards having more veggies in your diet that is already a great change!

Your next step would be starting reading the labels of the cans and choose the one with less carbs and sugar content. Your last step? Go canned free food and opt for fresh/frozen vegetables.

Vegetables are great, the best food group! Be mindful of carbs content but keep vegetables has one of the biggest part of your diet.